Stomach balloon

Stomach balloon

Today, there has been a lot of talk about obesity and overweight, as such a problem has many complications for the person who suffers from it, as follows:
A person is affected psychologically and may suffer from depression as a result of being obese, he becomes unable to practice activities such as sports normally, and his movements are difficult, and he cannot keep pace with modern fashion in wearing clothes, and he cannot reduce the amount of food he gets. All this makes him annoyed as he is unable to solve the problem.
- It affects health as one of the complications of obesity is that it makes the sugar levels uncontrolled as a result of excessive eating, which makes a person vulnerable to diabetes, also makes the cholesterol level high, and increases blood pressure, which makes the person at great risk of heart disease and stroke, in addition to that Being overweight increases stress on the joints as a result of heavy pregnancy, which causes joint inflammation.
A woman who suffers from obesity during pregnancy is at risk of developing gestational diabetes and blood clots.
That is why those who suffer from obesity resort to searching for an appropriate solution to get rid of it and its complications. There are those who follow a diet and exercise, and there are those who resort to surgery.
The gastric balloon is one of the safe, non-surgical solutions to eliminate obesity, but it has conditions that must be followed. 

What is a gastric balloon?

It is a balloon made of silicone deflated from air, which is placed inside the stomach, then the balloon is filled with a sterile solution well, and then occupies a large area of the stomach, which limits the amount of food that can be obtained and accelerates the feeling of satiety, which helps you lose weight faster. 

كيف تتم عملية بالون المعدة؟

The doctor places the balloon in the stomach through a thin tube through the throat, and then he inserts an endoscope so that he can see the balloon while it is filling.
The process takes about half an hour.
Before performing a gastric balloon, a person must undergo some necessary medical examinations according to the advice of your doctor. The person also has to stick to a healthy diet. 
The person who will perform the operation must inform the doctor about his previous medical history and the medications he is taking, and if there are chronic diseases he suffers from, he must inform the doctor about them.

Who fits a stomach balloon?

-For those with a BMI of less than 30.
-Not to have undergone any previous stomach or esophageal surgery.
-Who has the will to adopt a new and different healthy health system.
-For those over the age of 18.

ما هو النظام الغذائي المتبع بعد عملية بالون المعدة؟

- In the first week, you can have clear, filtered liquids such as (detox water - diluted pure apple or grape juice - anise - mint - hibiscus - meat or filtered chicken soup without spices - 
Refined coconut milk)
- In the second and third week, you can have light foods such as oatmeal soup, carrot soup and skim milk.
Starting from the fourth week, you can eat different foods according to a specific diet given by your doctor.

كيف تكون نتائج جراحة بالون المعدة؟

First on the positive side:

-Simple operation in half an hour without general anesthesia.
-Rapid weight loss that may reach 20% of the weight in the first six months.
-As a result of losing excess weight, you will avoid the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.
- Control of blood sugar level occurs, and thus the risk of developing diabetes decreases.
-As a result of eating a healthy diet, the level of cholesterol in the blood decreases.
-Maintains normal blood pressure, thus avoiding the risk of heart disease.
-Reducing the risk of arthritis.

Second from the negative side:

- Liquid leakage may occur from the balloon, which makes the balloon move from its place inside the stomach and is likely to cause blockage, and then you will face a new problem that needs other procedures.
The presence of the balloon in the stomach is for a limited period according to the type of balloon and cannot be bypassed so as not to damage and cause stomach complications. 
- Contamination of the liquid in the balloon may occur as a result of bacteria, causing a high temperature. 
- Some side effects may appear, such as stomach discomfort and vomiting, but they will disappear with time until the body adjusts to this new situation.
A sudden inflammation of the pancreas may rarely occur, and this is due to the pressure from the balloon on the internal organs, and you start to feel symptoms within days, which are severe stomach pain, loss of appetite, nausea and bloating, and the solution to such a problem may be to remove the stomach balloon.
- Sometimes the doctor gives the person who performed the operation anti-ulcer medications during the balloon's presence as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of developing an ulcer.
You must follow a proper diet and exercise to avoid regaining weight again.