Exact quantification

In keeping with the technological development in modern medical sciences and medical devices as well, and the doctors ’interest in improving the results of operations, especially obesity surgeries, doctors have reached a breakthrough in the world of obesity surgery, which is surgery using very accurate binoculars, as doctors seek to provide patient comfort and eliminate fear and anxiety towards These processes. 

Exact quantification:

يعد التكميم الدقيق أشبه بتكميم المعدة العادي ولكنه يختلف في الأدوات الجراحية المستخدمة التي يترتب عليها شكل الجرح وأثاره , وهنا في التكميم الدقيق يستخدم الأطباء أدوات جراحية حديثة في غاية الدقة وهي عبارة عن أنابيب سمكها لا يتعدى 2 ملل , ومن ثم تكون فتحات الجرح صغيرة جداً حيث أنها لاتترك أثار من العلامات أو الندبات بعد إجراء العملية . 
Exercise sleeve gastrectomy is performed through very small, needle-like incisions of 2 mm in diameter.


What is the difference between sleeve gastrectomy and micro-sleeve gastrectomy?

There are three phases that obesity surgery has gone through, as it began with traditional surgeries, then evolved into the use of binoculars and then into the use of microscopes, and this is a breakthrough in obesity surgeries.

First: traditional surgeries:

And it is through the use of the scalpel, where a large wound is opened in the abdominal area, and it has many side effects, such as feeling pain in the wound area, and leaving a trace after the operation.

Second: laparoscopic surgery:

The surgical operations developed to the use of endoscopes that reduced the pain resulting from the wound, as well as the size of the wound became smaller, up to 1 cm, and the operation is done through 4 small surgical openings, and this stage saved complications for the patient.

Third: accurate quantification:

Here, high-quality microscopes are used with a diameter not exceeding 2 mm, and as a result of this the wound is very small as it does not leave any traces, and it does not cause pain like this resulting from traditional surgeries, as the greater the area of the wound, the greater the resulting pain.

For which patients who suffer from obesity is suitable for accurate sleeve gastrectomy?

When we talk about obesity surgeries, we are faced with modern and different techniques for gastric sleeve operations, and choosing the most appropriate one for the patient depends on the doctor's diagnosis.
The precise quantification process is not suitable for all obese patients, and this depends on the doctor examining the patient’s health status, and knowing the weight and other criteria that must be known before the operation.

Advantages of accurate quantification:

- It is the process of sleeve gastrectomy, but without any traces of wound after the operation. 
- A pain-free operation, as the smaller the wound area, the less pain.
- The operation time is shorter than the surgical procedures.
-Hospital stay does not exceed today.
- You can practice your working life and your daily tasks within two days after your operation. 
-You do not need plastic surgery afterwards. 
- The operation may be performed under the influence of local anesthesia, depending on the doctor's vision.
-Preserving the surrounding body tissues.
-Reaching the required weight within months after completing the operation. 

Important tips before performing a meticulous sleeve gastrectomy:

- Before the operation, you must perform some necessary examinations and analyzes to determine the general health indicators of the patient.
- The patient begins to follow a diet until his body gets used to the diet that he will follow after the operation in the first period.
- The patient begins to move away from sugars and carbohydrates completely two weeks before the operation, as this leads to a reduction in the size of the liver before the operation, thus avoiding complications that may occur during gastric cutting. 
- Stay away from taking medications that increase blood flow, in order to avoid further bleeding after surgery.
-Stop drinking all soft drinks.
-Stop drinking drinks containing caffeine.

Without a trace without pain:

If you are suffering from obesity, and you made your decision to complete the precise sleeve gastrectomy, which is one of the obesity surgeries, you will get important advantages, which are the absence of a trace of the wound after the completion of the operation, and also the lack of pain due to the small size of the wound to only 2 milliliters.
The operation is an important opportunity in your life to reduce the suffering you feel due to obesity, which is a physical as well as a psychological suffering.
Removing part of the stomach will reduce the production of the hormone related to the feeling of hunger and thus reduce the amount of food significantly than usual, and thus begin to lose weight quickly.
One of the most important basics in choosing the type of operation is that you go to a doctor who is expert in the fields of obesity surgery and is familiar with all the recent developments that are taking place.
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