Bikini gagging

Bikini gagging

Many people who suffer from obesity resort to performing gastric sleeve surgeries, and then doctors began to develop these operations in order to be safer, and also without traces of the location of the wound after the operation, until they came up with a modern method for performing the sleeve gastrectomy without any distortion of the area The abdomen is the bikini sleeve.
We cannot deny that the aesthetic form is very effective for everyone who suffers from obesity and thinks about performing the operation, especially women, and for this the bikini sleeve is their basic requirement in such operations.

Bikini gagging:

As a result of the increasing tension of people from surgeries and concern about the difficulty of performing a facelift for the area in which the operation was performed, doctors came up with a new method, which is to insert the camera from a small hole in the navel area, and insert the endoscope tools through two other openings that do not exceed 1 cm. The incisions are made at the bikini line in places that are not completely visible, and the wound heals quickly due to its small size, without leaving any scars or traces of the wound site.
Bikini gagging هو التخلص من السمنة المفرطة عن طريق تقليص حجم المعدة بدون أثار للجرح بعد إتمام العملية , وهي عملية أمنة جداً .

The difference between laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and laparoscopic bikini quantification:

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy:

Here, the operation is performed through 5 small incisions not exceeding 1 cm in length, an opening in the navel area to insert the camera, and four holes in the abdominal area where endoscopes are used, and some scars may appear after the operation.

Bikini gagging:

As we mentioned previously, this operation is done through 3 openings, a small opening in the navel area, and two holes in the bikini area, and it is distinguished by that it does not leave a trace, which does not affect the aesthetic appearance, and that is why bikini sleeveging is one of the preferred obesity surgeries for women.

Advantages that you will get after performing a bikini sleeve surgery:

As everyone knows that obesity has risks not only health, but also psychological because it causes a heavy burden on patients who suffer from it, as they find it difficult to practice their normal lives in movement and transportation, as well as in purchasing appropriate clothes for them, and also severe difficulty in exercising The health of the body, and all this affects the psyche of the patient, which makes him frustrated and despondent.
In these days, obesity surgeries have developed so that they fulfill the dreams of many patients who had lost hope in losing their excess weight, and it provided them with many advantages, and here are some of them:
-Reaching the appropriate and desired weight within a few months.
-Avoid complications from other diseases that a person who suffers from obesity is more likely to suffer from, such as: diabetes, stress and arthritis.
- The psychological state improves as a result of weight loss, which definitely changes a person’s life and opens doors for him that he was unable to do, such as: “Exercising and wearing the latest fashionable clothes as he loves and other activities.
- The bikini sleeve gastrectomy operation maintains the nature of the digestive system, by avoiding making connections to the stomach with any part of the gastrointestinal tract. 
- It helps reduce appetite and reduce the feeling of hunger, in addition to a speedy feeling of fullness after eating small amounts of food.
 - The success of bikini sleeve gastrectomy operation depends on the patient’s willingness to adopt a new diet and healthy lifestyle after the operation, in order to avoid complications.
- Gastric sleeve surgery is simple and its side effects can be avoided, which gradually disappear over time.
 In most cases, you can continue with your work and return to your daily routine the following week of the operation. 
Feeling fatigue during this period is normal and common due to low calorie intake. The diet followed after the operation depends mainly on liquids in the early stages.

What is the diet followed after the bikini sleeve surgery?

On the first day: the patient is allowed to drink clear liquids only, and the doctor allows drinking water hours after the operation.
From the second to the fourteenth day: the patient follows a diet based on low-fat, complete fluids such as yogurt, milk and juice.
From the third to the fifth week: the patient eats soft foods that can be swallowed easily. Like mashed potatoes, boiled and mashed vegetables, and cooked pieces of meat or chicken.
From after the fifth week: the patient can eat solid foods again and it is preferable to eat many meals but with small amounts of food throughout the day. 
Also, multivitamins and vitamin B complex must be taken in conjunction with this diet after the operation.

Important tips after gastric sleeve surgery:

Eat well-pureed foods first.
Try not to eat when anxious or distressed.
Make sure to chew food slowly and well.
Avoid high-calorie, low-nutritional foods.
Avoid eating sugars, trans fats, and junk food and fried foods.
Keep drinking water regularly.
Get regular exercise.
Take supplements recommended by your doctor