Bariatric surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy

Recently, many diseases that invade our lives and affect our health have appeared, and the most famous of these diseases is obesity, which began to invade our bodies in an unwanted way, and obesity and weight gain began to increase until some of us succumbed to it and even became difficult Control it.


Causes of weight gain:

Many suffer from the problem of overweight due to several reasons, including:
Lack of control over the feeling of hunger 
The inability to dispense with sweets 
Problems with burn rate
Sluggishness and lack of movement.
Thyroid hormone disorders.
Weight gain after pregnancy and childbirth.
-Lack of exercise.
Inability to follow a healthy diet.

Traditional ways to get rid of obesity:

Follow a healthy diet.
Exercise regularly.

Different obesity surgeries to get rid of obesity:

What is sleeve gastrectomy?

تكميم المعدة بالمنظار من أشهر جراحات السمنة و الأكثر أمان و فاعلية للتخلص من زيادة الوزن، و ذلك لأن في هذه الجراحة يقوم الجراح بالتخلص من 80% من حجم المعدة، وبالتالي ينتج عنها الشعور بالشبع عند أكل كميات قليلة من الطعام مما يؤدي إلي نزول الوزن التدريجي بكل أمان، كما أن عند قص الجزء الكبير من المعدة فإن الجراح يتخلص من هرمون الجوع (GhrelinAnd it is the cause of the constant feeling of hunger all the time, and thus the constant weight gain as a result of obeying this feeling, when getting rid of the hunger hormone we get rid of the constant feeling of the need to eat and enjoy a healthy weight loss and good health.


من المرشح المناسب لجراحة تكميم المعدة بالمنظار؟

Have a BMI of 35 or higher.
- That obesity is the reason why a person suffers from heart disease, blood pressure and high cholesterol.
That you feel hungry all the time is the reason for your weight gain.
That your lack of control over the amount of eating is the reason for your weight gain and your reaching the point of obesity.

Pre-surgery procedures for sleeve gastrectomy:

- The surgeon requests several tests before performing obesity surgery to check on public health and know the dose of anesthesia.
- The surgeon recommends anti-thinning medications two days before the operation.
-stop smoking.
Refrain from drinking alcohol.
Stopping the cortisone drugs before the operation.

خطوات جراحة تكميم المعدة بالمنظار:

1- Making a small incision in the abdomen that does not exceed a millimeter, to insert the laparoscope.
2- Cutting about 80% of the stomach size by using the latest international technology to make the stomach shape like the sleeve.
3- The surgeon staples the stomach using the latest international staplers to avoid any leakage or bleeding.
4- Perform a leak test to ensure that no leakage occurs.
5- Finish and dress the wound safely
nstalling a device PCA To control pain.

الفوائد المُكتسبة بعد جراحة تكميم المعدة بالمنظار:

Lose weight safely.
Depression disappears by a large percentage.
Sleeping deeply as a result of breathing easily.
Urinary incontinence gets better.
Cardiovascular disease decreased by 82%.
The sensitivity of the chest is greatly improved.
Joint wear improves significantly.
Easy movement.
Diabetes improved significantly.
- The occurrence of gastric reflux is reduced.
The increase in blood pressure improves significantly.
The regularity of the menstrual cycle and the disappearance of its problems.

Does gagging reduce the chances of pregnancy?

بالعكس فعملية تكميم المعدة بالمنظار تزيد من معدل الخصوبة، حيث يعتبر العقم أحد أسباب زيادة الوزن الشائعة، ويعتبر من الآمن أن تحمل المرأة بعد إستقرار الوزن بعد الجراحة، ولكن يوصي الأطباء بالإنتظار حتى 18 شهراً بعد الجراحة، فذلك يقلل من إحتمالية إصابة الأم والجنين والرضيع بسوء التغذية.


نصائح هامة بعد عملية تكميم المعدة بالمنظار:

Chew and eat well before swallowing. 
Avoid drinking water while eating, as this may cause your new stomach to fill up. 
Drink liquids half an hour after finishing a meal. 
Refrain from drinking high-calorie soft drinks, and avoid junk food. 
Make sure to take vitamins and mineral supplements every day. 
In the second month, you can switch to normal meals, but remember, you will not be able to eat as much as you used to before. 
Drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses of water.

The relationship of obesity to mental health:

There is a great relationship between obesity and mental state. When you suffer from obesity, your psyche begins to be affected by lack of self-confidence, resorting to isolation and not being among many people,
And this may lead you to depression, which is a painful feeling psychologically. You feel that you are rejected or that you are less than all of the people present, so that is why you must get rid of obesity immediately by one of the traditional methods,
But if you are not able to follow these methods such as exercising regularly and following a healthy diet, then you must resort to safe obesity surgeries and enjoy a healthy life psychologically and physically.

What is the appropriate age for gastric sleeve surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy is one of the safe surgeries that will reach you to the ideal weight, but the appropriate age for the sleeve gastrectomy procedure is from 16-65 years old.

What is the difference between sleeve gastrectomy and liposuction?

There is a big difference between these two operations, as gastric sleeve surgery is performed for those who suffer from obesity and has a body mass index of more than 35, while liposuction is performed for those who suffer from the accumulation of fat in one area and who are not obese.


ما تكلفة عملية تكميم المعدة ؟

تكلفة عملية تكميم المعدة تحتاج الي إستشارة للطبيب المتخصص لأن كل حالة تختلف عن الأخري في إجرائاتها وتاريخها المرضي ومستوي الدهون في الجسم


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